Impressions for signing the contract in Düsseldorf on 22.10.2015

Impressions on the government visit of Zhongshan on 19.10.2015

Report "Unterwaldner" from 28.10.2015

Newspaper report "The revolutionary climbing robot" from 10.10.2014

Report in w.i.n. "Conquering the World from Nidwalden" from September 2011

Newspaper report "Global success with Oberdorfer cleaning robot" from 29.09.2010

Newspaper report "Running new robots" from 02.02.2010

Newspaper report "The big coup landed with cleaning robots" from 25.06.2008

Newspaper report "Swiss build the new landmark" from 01.05.2006

Article in the book Hanser Service Robot Visions 2004

Newspaper report "Robotic cleaning devil on the glass facade" from 02.02.2002

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