Technical specification

Customers: Villiger

Year: 2003

Height: 1.5m

Width: 0.78m

Depth: 0.8m

Mass: 140kg

Niederberger-Engineering AG for the Villiger AG (Oberrüti, Aargau) developed two waste disposal systems which hidden the waste in underground containers, but easily can be emptied too.

Niederberger-Engineering AG designed the disposal pillars with weight and volume mesurement and the lifting system for both units.

Lift-o-Mat LU 300-600

By this system the garbage is moved to the container which is stored below the pillar.

This containers can be changed using a hydraulic lifting system.


Using this variant, the waste falls into a underground box too.

The difference is, that this container is emptied by a crane crab specially designed for this purpose.

The crane which empties the containers was constructed by Niederberger-Engineering too. It can be found at Container crane.

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