• Located outside

  • Diameter 24.82m

  • Turning angle 180°

  • Peripheral speed 30m/min

  • Motor Power P=2x 5.5kW

  • Blocking power P=2x3.W

  • Operation voltage U=400V 50Hz

  • Controlling voltage U=230V, 24V

  • Own mass of the turntable m=37500kg

  • Mass inclusive waggon m=40000kg

  • Maximal loading of the waggon 450kN

  • Own weight + payload= 850kN

The Marti-Dytan AG required a platform for turning trains and realigning them on the tracks.

The constrution had to be stiff, to not tilt too much when a train trives over it and also light, so that it can be quickly turned.

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