With the tea maker every desired tea sort can be produced in an instant.

Its extensive but clear programming allows the machin a matched procedure for every tea variant.

The basic idea for the T-Boy was to allow anyone as easy access to hot and healthy tea, as making coffee with modern coffee maker.

Anton Niederberger our manager had this idea when he was in Singapoore and experienced how circuitously tea was maken there every day.

The fully automatic tea machine has to be easy to use and to guarantee qualitative tea.

In cooperation with a apothecary we adjusted the extracting procedure to ensure the tastiest and healthiest tea possible.

From the mechanism inside the machine and the heating process controlling up to the plastic exterior the T-Boy was completely developed by the Niederberger-Engineering AG.

This project Accordingly needed accordingly much knowledge about plastics technology, sintering and 3D printing of prototypes.


Seperately fill in the type of tee you want and cold water.

Then choose the program fitting to the tea kind you feeded - for example green-tea.

The T-Boy heats up the water to the exact temperature and stirs as long that the flavour can perfectly disperse in the water.

For Restaurants

A variation of the tea machine is the "T-Maker Profi".

It allows the big scale production of tea.

A tea-house, restaurant, bistro, bar, canteen or self service restaurant can profit much from this tea maker.

This version of the tea machine simultaneously makes different sorts of tea at your fingertips.


Tees black and different.

Herbal tea tea harvest notes leaves, broken

Capacity 1.5 liters per pot

Rated capacity up to 10 cups per 2 min.

Stirring speed 5 - 55 rpm

Brewing temperature 60-100 degrees C

Brewing time 1 - 10 min.

Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Machine weight approx. 40 Kg.

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