Technical specification

Revolving restaurant height 104m

Outer diameter 25m

Total load 78 to

360 ° in 1h

External dimensions of rotary drive

Height: 1360mm

Length: 1310mm

Width: 835mm

Approximately Weight: 950 kg

External dimensions of clamping device

Height: 260mm

Length: 2039mm

Width: 1885mm

Weight: 750 kg.

Power bevel gear motor

Motor power: 0.55 kW

Voltage: 240V / 415V

Electricity: 2.90 / 1.69 A

Frequency: 50Hz

In the spire of the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi with the Tiara one of the most beautiful restaurants of the city is located.

situated on the 55th floor you can see the gulf of arabia, the palace of the Emir and far into the outback.

The tables stand on a huge revolving platform. Every hour the platform turns a whole 360 and constantly changes the view of the customers. The static central area allows the accommodation of escalators and other amenities.

Niederberger-Engineering AG calculated, designed and delivered the revolving platform that makes the restaurant so incredible.

The tables are standing on a giant platform which turns around once in an hour and changes the perspective of the customers.

The statical Center allows to place kitchens, toilets, elevators and more.

Niederberger Engineering AG calculated, construized and produced the platform which makes the restaurant so extraordinary.


The turning allows an always shifting view over the skyline of Abu Dhabi, the palace and the sea, befitting the guests of a noble restaurant.


The tables and seats stand all on a huge ring shaped platform with a diameter of 26 meters. A wire rope moves the platform like a carousel.

Additional to the scenic view is it possible to look at the technology of the platform through windows in the floor.

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