Technical specification

Customers: Airbus Industrie Toulouse

Year: 2006

Mass: 6,400kg

Length: 6.15m

Width: 2m

Height: 8.5m

vertical stroke

Horizontal stroke: 3m

For the experts of the Airbus industry Toulouse a safe possibility had to be created, in order to be able to carry out work on the fuselage of an A380.

The solution

The shoring runs longitudinally on rails mounted on one side of the shed on the floor and ceiling.

So you can work on the whole length of the plane.

The basket is safely and precisely positioned to the required working height with a spindle drive.

A freedom of movement transverse to the direction of flight is also necessary because the hull is arched, and because it tapers to the rear.

With two steered telescopic arms of the basket is extended laterally and can also be tilted.

In this way, the platform can follow the specific contour of the aircraft exactly and always remains horizontal.

Cover grids prevent workers from falling and a fold-out emergency exit ladder ensures safe descent in the event of an emergency.

Airbus A380

The A380 is currently the largest passenger aircraft in the world. With a takeoff weight of 560 tonnes, it manages to transport over 800 passengers up to 15,200km.

The enormous size of the A380 makes it a challenge to build and repair.

The span is 80 meters, the length is almost as large. That needs a big hall.

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