Customers: Imfeld Metall- und Stahlbau AG

Year: 2001

Mass: 6200 kg

Height: 9.5m

Diameter: 16.5m

These huge umbrellas were developed to adjust within moments to changing weather conditions.

Niederberger-Engineering made the desing plans for the the Imfeld Stahl und Maschienenbau AG, as well as the structural analysis of their huge umbrellas.

A whole bar or restaurant fits easily under the roof of one of these umbrellas.


The umbrellas are designed to withstand extreme storm winds, temperature changes and can be automatically opened and closed within moments.

Our umbrellas survived many a storm unfazed.

In this world renown winter sports destination and recreational area is one of these umbrellas installed. The Brüggerstuba lets you enjoy yourself right next to the slope. The umbrellas allow huge flexibility in their use and are way cheeper than a comparable permanent building.

Not only did Arosa discovered the huge umbrellas for itself. The umbrellas were also installed on the Titlis, Schlamding and in Torina.

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