Technical specification

Customers: Serbot AG

Year: 2001

Width: 800 mm

Length: 900 mm

Height: 600mm

Mass: 100Kg

Maximum cleaning performance: 150m2 / h

Maximum building height: 300m

Niederberger-Engineering developed for the Serbot AG (Buochs, Nidwalden) their flexible climbing and cleaning robots.

Nowadays we are involved in the progression of the GEKKO and the CleanAnt robots whose cinematic systems were both developed by Niederberger Engineering.

The GEKKO is used on flat vertical or tilted surfaces, the speciality of the CleanAnt are curved and edged facades.

This is the reason why both robot use totally different movement systems to fulfill their function.

At the technological exhibition in Hannover these robots are showed regularly by Serbot AG.


This picture contains the GEKKO Solar for cleaning photovoltaic solar plants (foreground) and the GEKKO Facade whose mission is to clean vertical Facades.


CleanAnt was developed by Niederberger Engineering from the concept study, gear construction up to the production of a prototype, before the rights was sold to Serbot AG.

For the development of the CleanAnt received the Niederberger-Engineering AG two awards.

One was the Technology of Switzerland Award, the other was the award from the Vigier foundation.

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