Technical specification

Customers: Serbot AG

Year of construction: 1991

Maximum load: 200Kg

Maximum additional load: 700 Kg

Niederberger Engineering successfully has developed various facade cleaning systems and built them.

Most of them are special applications.

See also the chapter facade robots.

Here you get insight about our projects about facade lifts.


For cleaning and overall easy access designed the Niederberger-Engineering an overhead crane with a lift-system in Munich (Germany).

The bridge spans over the walkway and can move along its length. The lift allows vertical movement and movement along the bridge. These two systems in combination allow easy access of the whole areaway space.

The system is used for window cleaning, maintenance of the facade, gardening (trimming trees), decoration and constitutes a handy all-round-tool.

The bridge and lift had to be especially light, since the existing structure lacked facade reinforcements.

The installation must be particularly easy, so as not to burden the building structure.


lNiederberger-Engineering AG developed and installed the facade lifts in the newly constructed university building in Bern.

The building is distinguished by its library, which is set below ground level and receives daylight through three special areaways.

The difference between courtyard and aeraway is, that areaways have glassen floors to permit light to enter the room below.

For this building we adapted the Lightweight bridge and installed one on each areaway.

One tower turning crane is located on each of these overhead crane bridges.

Which these the platform can be arranged to reach each of the four glass facades.

Only one gondola is necessary, which can be hitched up on one of the three cranes.

It is possible to attach an additional payload, up to 700kg, onto the radial arm.

Der Reinigungskorb erlaubt es Wartungsarbeiten an der Fassade, zum Beispiel an den Jalousien und am Boden durchzuführen.

The cleaning platform allows access to the facade - for example to repair the jalousies - and on the bottom of the areaway.

Niederberger-Engineering AG was responsible for the complete facade lift project from the first ideas, the calculations, the drafting, the production, the installation to the final handing over.

Look through the user manual (german), if you need more information.

Museum Baden

The historical museum in Baden (Kanton Aargau) couldn't access the windows on the riverside.

The great height over ground and the Limmat river flowing right under the window front made conventional cleaning very dangerous if not impossible at all. To seamlessly integrate a cleaning solution in the existing concept of the museum increased the challenge even more.

Our solution is a safety cage allows cleaning from the outside. The facade lift can be hidden from view in an outside compartment under the roof.

Small, durable and easy to use allows our fade lift easy access and reliability, while retaining the original appearance.

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