GUT Bau AG wanted to upgrade their production facilities with a much stronger crane.

The crane should replace an existing crane but required a new and stronger foundation.

Niederberger-Engineering made all the required calculations for the new foundation of the crane, the statics certificates, the technical drawings and quality checked the production as well as the installation of the foundation.

Niederberger-Engineering AG crated the drafts and the verification of statical solidity and supervised the production and the installation of the crane system.

The proof of a foundation structure of a crane is much more complex than one of a building.

Variable loadings and strong oscillations because of the movement necessitate a much better adhesion in the ground and fatigue endurance for all components.

The biggest occurring dynamic load, which has to be ascertained first, are decisive for the dimensioning of the structure.

The visible steel base stands the reaction forces in every crane position and divides it out onto the concrete.


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