The Niederbeger-Engineering AG developed various lifting appliances.


The installation of prepared balconies is with usual tools very incommodious because of the limited space.

GUT Bau AG ordered for this reason a crane supplement to ease the accessibility.

To this company we later offered a crane foundation too.

The installation gibbet by Niederberger-Engineering allows for an easy placing of the prefabricated balconys of the GUT Bau AG.

It is possible to reach otherwise inaccessible places with the installation gibbet and the use of a common construction crane. Using an allready present crane decreases the installation costs for the GUT Bau AG considerably.

The installation gibbet can be easily adjousted to the mass of the balcony.

The installation hook can be adapted to the weight of the balcony.

With this system an easy and fast positionning of the finished balconies is possible.


Niederberger-Engineering upgraded an existing lifting fork of the GUT Bau AG to keep every load perfectly horizontal.

This is necessary because of the use of the fork for installations.

Niederberger-Engineering AG for this reason equiped the crane fork with a leveling system.

The controlling system reacts independently on load variation.

A safety blocking unit allows a safe handling even when a power blackout would happe


The small lifting fork uses the same principle as the bigger version.

If the loading is reduced vastly, the small lifting fork can be used.

Verstellbare Krangabel

Niederberger-Engineering AG developed a special, adjustable crane mount for Gersag AG.

The mount posesses two forks, whose distance can be modified.

The angle of the crane adapter can be adjousted too.

This crane mount allows exception flexibilaty in the handling of palettes and other payloads.

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