Technical specification

Customers: Villiger, Oberrüti

Weight: 4400 kg

Crane type 1: maximum reach 7m / maximum net load 2500kg

Crane type 2: maximum reach 7m / maximum net load 1700kg

Crane type 3: maximum reach 10m / maximum net load 1500 kg

Vertical stroke: 4500mm (total)

Single speed stroke-1: 150mm / s

Single speed lift-2: 150mm / s

Single speed lift-2: 150mm / s

To empty the rubbish containers Villiger AG required a special crane. This crane is able to lift the container out of the drain vertically and to put it back again the same way after making it empty.

Niederberger Engineering AG calculated and completely reworked the preversion of the crane and constructed two different types for the series production.

The gripper for the container was reworked as well. The gripper not only grips the container, but also opens and closes the trap door to empty the container.

Niederberger Engineering developed some container systems for Villiger AG too.

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