Big 3D-Printer

The BIG-3D Printer is a concept for the three dimensional printing of concrete and rebar structures in huge dimensions

The technology allows for an unprecedented freedom of designing solutions for architectural and engineering projects.

The system allows the prodcution of special elements, art, prefabricated building materials and other completely new structures.

The pink area visualises the maximal dimenson of producible sculptures.

The machine consists of three large axes and a six-axial precision robot.

This robot is able to concrete, to insert the reinforcement and if necessary to do finishing processes.

The BIG-3D Printer will be produced by Imprimere AG, but is still at the concept stage now.


A BIG-3D Printer has a whole battery of (different) print heads mounted on its tip for simultaneous or seriell use, to improve the building speed of any layers. the different tools can also be used to handle different materials.


Nutzen Sie die echte gestalterische Freiheit die der BIG-3D Printer Ihnen bietet und gestalten Sie kunstvolle Objekte in bisher unerreichter Grösse.



Perfect the statics of your constructions with the ideally shaped and strengthened elements only the BIG-3D Printer can make.

Create archways, rips, stalks, and hollow areas as you want them.

Design everything exactly as it has to be.

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