Niederberger-Engineering AG developed a system for the automated replacement of batteries for electirc mobils.

With a few changes this system can be turned into a changing station for hydrogen tanks of fuel cell cars.

Schematic view of a car at the battery switching station.

Parts of the Walls are made invisible to grant a better insight into the mechanics.


The charging of current accumulators approximately needs as much time as the decharging under full power.

The further distance a modern battery will reach, the longer it will take to refill it.

Batteries allways have a limited life duration and so frequently have to be tested for functionality.

A normal user has neither the experience, nor the required tools to evaluate the state of a battery.

The disposal of old batteries is an ecological concern because of toxic substances which are often contained.

This and the buy of new accumulators is uncomfortable for the owner of an electric vehicle.

The swapping system by Niederberger-Engineering AG removes these problems.


Instead of waiting for recharging the battery, it is directly replaced by another.

The empty battery is removed from the car and put on a loading station.

This process takes about as long time as refueling nowadays.

The machine differentiates between the four following categories:

  • Empty batteries (only if all loading station are busy)

  • Reloading accumulators at the station

  • Batteries, which are reloaded and ready to use

  • Inusable batteries which can be recycled

The unusable accumulators are replaced with newly produced ones by personnel.

This way evolutions on battery technology easily can be etablished wide-ranging.



The batteries in the high rack storage area are recharged, tested and if necessary replaced.

The customer only pays for the used electricity.

That creates an incentive for the distributors to combine a high cost effectiveness with eco-balance and a good service.

The whole replacement process only takes a view moments and is done fully automatic.

Batterie auf dem Weg zum PKW.


Replacing and installing a battery is done with a hexapod platform, that mounts tools and a battery holder.

Hexapod systems are adjoustable in six axes.

The movement range of the hexapod allows easy adjoustments to the batterie position. Differences in chassis clearance, a skewed position on the access area, a slanted chassis because of irregular tire pressure or load don't matter for this system. The hexapod changes its alignment easily.


Our battery swap system by Niederberger-Engineering AG allows a fully automated 24h service.

This system is based on well tested technologies, like the high rise raks for the german car industry or the hexapod system for the exact adjustment of tools.


It's trivial to store and replace different types of batteries for different cars.

Upgraiding existing service stations is easily done and decreases the overall infrastructure cost considerably.

You can also eschew the ramp, when the hexapod systems are put below ground level.

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