Niederberger-Engineering developed this system to offer a fast evacuation system for buildings up to 80m height.

Unfortunately it's true that on many high buildings proper getaway routes for the case of an emergency are non-existent.

In this situation our abseiling evacuation system can be employed to evacuate hazarded people out of the window or down from a balcony.

Here you will find the brochure of our evacuation system.

The usage of the abseil evacuation saves time and lives.

One evacuation system is available for 2500.- USD inclusive tax.


Fire and other hazards make it necessary to evacuate people in a timely and safe way under unfavourable circumstances.

Conventional evacuation appliances like a ladder or a fire truck can"t reach every point of the facade.

Even when a fire fighting truck is available, its lifting platform cannot simultaneously access the whole building.

With the use of our evacuation system much less time is lost.

Of course it's possible and useful to instal multiple abseiling systems on one buildibuildi


There are only few steps, for using this safety system:

- Install the unit (only with the fast response system necessary)

- Put on one of the security harnesses which are stored nearby.

- Attach the rescue hook to the abseiling belt.

- Safely glide to the ground.

Because of the second belt which is coiled up in the other way round, the system is immediately ready for the next user.

The used belt is rolled up during the next abseiling process and lifts the harness back up too.

The whole system is not dependent on electricity.

Rescue harnesses are stored in a marked container.

There are several variants of the belt evacuation system containing the fix installed unit and the fast response system.


The mobile fast response system

An easy usable evacuation system, for mobile deployment.

This system is installed directly before used.

this variant can be employed on windows, balconies or on a fire truck.

The version for windows is placed on the ledge and then moved along the support rails to the upper window border and fixed there.

The positioning can be done by hand or aided with a integrated hoist.

This version can easily be installed in a window frame.


The permanent installed evacuation system is located on a well reachable place and is always ready to use.

The unit can be located above a window or a balcony parapet or as emergency exit on a lifting platform.

For balcony applications it is possible to make the belt evacuation system movable along the facade with rails.

Be prepared! With the abseiling evacuation system of Niederberger Engineering AG.

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